Water Damage Photo Gallery

Ceiling with framework exposed

Westwood Home Has Water Damage Above and Below

This Westwood home had a bathroom water damage event that seeped under the flooring above and ran through the ceiling below affecting a storage room. SERVPRO techs extracted the water, performed controlled demo on the ceiling and ran multiple air movers to dry the areas rapidly. 

Ceiling with sheetrock cut off exposing insulation inside

The Neighbor’s Water Damage is Yours Too in Lodi Home

When the upstairs unit had a washing machine mishap in this Lodi apartment, the ceiling below had significant water damage. SERVPRO techs cut away the sagging ceiling and dried the floor joist so repairs could happen quickly.

Wall with bottom portion cut away with slab floor showing

Montvale Water Damage Cleanup Tactics

When SERVPRO technicians handle water damage cleanup in Montvale homes, they do not remove an entire wall when only a portion has water loss. They measure above the waterline and cut away only the damaged portion of sheetrock that wicked water. This assists in making repairs fast and easy.

SERVPRO employee extraction water from basement laundry room

Emerson Washing Machines Brings Water Damage to Basement Laundry Room Floor

When a washing machine malfunctioned in the basement laundry room of an Emerson home and spilled gallons of water upon the floor, SERVPRO techs arrived quickly to address the water damage. Using squeegee attachment to up as much moisture as possible and get the basement dried for the homeowner.

SERVPRO drying equipment running in laundry room

Oradell Water Damage Cleanup

When an Oradell laundry room had water damage, SERVPRO techs arrived quickly to extract the water and set up air movers to bring down the ambient moisture in the room. Of special concern was the glue-down carpeting which has the potential to delaminate if exposed to water for too long.

plastic covered oven, cut wall showing studs and removed hardwood planks revealing the plywood sheathing

Mahwah Township Kitchen Water Damage

The plumbing failed and spewed water onto this hardwood floor in a Mahwah Township kitchen. SERVPRO arrived and removed the water, repositioned the fixtures and appliances, to salvage as much as possible. The removed hardwoods can be dried and reset once the plywood subfloor has been dried to prevent delamination and mold growth. A small, controlled demolition limits the amount of rebuilding needed to restore this kitchen to its preloss condition.

A Water Loss and Hardwood Flooring--Westwood

Standing water on hardwood oak flooring can be salvaged if removed quickly. Our SERVPRO crew is Faster To Any Size Disaster in the Westwood area, so we can mitigate the damage, and save our customer a lot of money. The slight cupping can be sanded down, and a refinish can complete this water damaging event.

Soaked Carpeting

Take a look at how much water this carpet is holding on to. Here you can see the homeowner was trying to extract the water with their own shop vac but they weren't able to handle the large carpeted area with all the water it had absorbed. This is when our technicians took over with our powerful truck mount water extractor to soak up all that water before removing the carpet. 

Sneak Peak Inside Our Warehouse

Here is a shot of one section of our warehouse where we store some of our drying equipment. This 14,000 square foot facility is not just used to hold our equipment and tools but can be used to store customer belongings that need to be held in storage until mitigation/restoration is completed. 

Let's Get These Floors Dry

This water loss located in River Vale, NJ started in the second floor bathroom and made its way through the ceiling below and onto these hardwood floors shown. Our first priority was saving the hardwood floors with the use of drying mats. Our technicians set up containment to keep the nearby kitchen safe from debris. 

Production Crew

The SERVPRO of Paramus/Northeast Bergen County Production Team. Not just a team but a family. We are proud to have such great technicians working for our company. Hopefully you will never have to meet any of them but if you do just know you are in good hands.