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Did Your Paramus Property Experience a Emergency Restoration Need? Call SERVPRO!

10/21/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment in large, water damaged room No matter the size of your restoration emergency, SERVPRO has the equipment an manpower to restore your property.

Why SERVPRO of Paramus is Equipped to Handle Water, Mold, Fire, and Storm Damage Restoration in Paramus

We have developed a strong report with our customers and other businesses throughout the Paramus area because of how we prioritize your loss and seek to save our customers money regardless of the circumstances. We understand that having you wait for professional restoration services is the same as asking you to pay more for them, as symptoms for every loss situation can worsen with time. We have all aspects of recovery and restoration in-house, which can also help to save you time and get you back into your home quickly after a disaster strikes.  

Water Damage Restoration

Because water losses are such an everyday staple to the work that we do, we have made it a requirement for all of our technicians to have Water Restoration Technician certification through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC.) Because of how quickly the symptoms can migrate and saturate construction materials, contents, and flooring in a Paramus home, many of these same technicians have additional training and certification in Applied Structural Drying (ASD) and extensive training through the American Drying Institute.  

Our fixation on customer service and satisfaction is the bedrock of our award-winning restoration we offer Paramus homes in a crisis. Because we have technicians on-call 24/7 for disasters that could occur after regular operating hours, we can reach water loss emergencies quickly in the critical 48-hour span before structural degradation, content saturation, and early microbial growth occurs.   

The arrival of our professionals whenever disasters strike is only part of what your Paramus water damage situation requires. We have invested in cutting-edge equipment and products that can work to manage your loss situation beginning the moment our team arrives. We have extraction tools ranging from portable light wands, and sump pumps to truck-mount pumps in our Green Fleet to quickly prepare your property for air movers and dehumidifiers that can dry up the damage.  

Mold Remediation

Because Paramus homes have to contend with mold growth and its health hazards so frequently, we train and prepare for changes in methods and tactics continually. We are always looking to deploy remediation techniques and equipment that can save our customers time and money, and the faster we address these concerns, the less potent and hazardous mold colonization can become inside the house. Our preparations also include Interactive Occupational Training (IOT) that provides advanced mold scenarios to improve the response of our technicians.  

The products and equipment that we use in remediation and restoration services are state-of-the-art and can help to reduce the severity of mold colonization already underway. With the application of products like our antimicrobials and sporicides, we can prevent the spread of colonies to new areas of your Paramus home by eliminating active spores on the surface of affected host materials.  

Remediation does not always happen quickly, and sometimes the only suitable solution is implementing controlled demolition techniques. With years of experience to offer, our in-house contractors can offer intricate removal procedures to limit the time and money involved in full-scale reconstruction to come. These licensed (#13VH001305854800) professionals are on-call for emergency services to Paramus homes the same as the rest of our team.  

Fire Damage Restoration

The inspection of your property after a fire is a critical element that often gets overlooked in the panic and confusion following this traumatizing event. As much as many Paramus homeowners look to reach out to their insurance companies first once the firefighters leave, the best first phone call is to our SERVPRO team. With established relationships with all area insurance providers, we are already a trusted name for these organizations to provide damage assessment and mitigation services. By reaching out to our team first, you get this process started immediately and expedite the claims process. 

We have put a lot of our time and resources into building our inventory of recovery tools and equipment to be a competitive force in the restoration industry. With fire losses, every minute counts, and we arrive at Paramus fire damage scenarios with the full measure of deodorization, cleaning, and air filtration tools to regulate the safety and production of our professionals. Our hydroxyl machines are a vital element to this recovery process, as their presence can help fire-damaged properties in two ways – by deodorizing smoke odors and by eliminating harmful particulates in the environment through cleaning and filtration.  

For materials too severely damaged to protect or the widespread fire debris removal your Paramus property might need, you can rely on our in-house contractors. These professionals have unique training in controlled demolition techniques to ensure that only severely damaged construction materials get removed so that the reconstruction phase to follow is smooth and seamless for our customers.  

Storm Damage Restoration

Bergen County has seen a fair share of debilitating storms and destructive weather events of the years that our SERVPRO team has offered help and recovery efforts to damaged properties. With many of these storms reaching the coasts at hurricane-strength, we have to stay vigilantly prepared for the damage that homes and businesses could suffer throughout Paramus under these conditions. With multiple properties often getting affected simultaneously, our involvement as a substantial loss recovery team can help. We have a deep inventory of equipment and personnel with this unit, ensuring that no customer waits for the restoration work their property needs.  

We can never know what storm damage to Paramus properties can cause as each situation is unique. From heavy snowfall to gale-force winds, we have to expect that we could face instances that require the experience and certifications of our water, mold, biohazard, and reconstruction professionals. Our inspection of the property can help to determine the threats present and what restoration services are necessary.  

With flooding being a common effect of severe weather damage to Paramus properties, customers have come to expect our fast response with powerful extraction and drying tools. We can work to protect exposed elements as much as possible with the use of our potent disinfectants and antibacterial agents.  

No matter what disaster your home faces, you need assurance that skilled professionals can help you overcome the obstacles to make it “Like it never even happened.” Let our SERVPRO of Paramus team help you however you need by calling (201) 445-5588.

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We Help You Safely Handle Fire Debris In Your Paramus Home

10/7/2019 (Permalink)

One of our technicians using a chemical sponge to wipe away soot from the walls One of our technicians is using a chemical sponge to wipe away soot from the walls. We have the right tools and are available 24/7.

How To Conduct Fire Debris Removal In Paramus: Tips For The Homeowner

If a spark ever ignites inside your Paramus home, the blaze can go from minor to enormous in a short amount of time. Once ignited, flames can use many of your contents and building materials as fuel, which can force you to have to conduct fire debris removal on your property. After something burns at your residence, the best idea is to call in a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO.

However, there are some ways you can conduct fire debris removal inside your Paramus home on your own. If the area burnt was large, it is possible that many things got ruined as a result of the blaze. Charred materials such as drywall or wooden cabinets often have to be removed and replaced after the burn.

When items are severely burnt, our SERVPRO technicians recommend that you remove them as soon as possible. If things like your charred contents remain on your carpet or next to a wall stay put, they can affect previously unaffected areas of your home. Your torched contents can also become a source of pungent aromas if left inside your living area for too long.

The first step our SERVPRO experts recommend to take when handling fire debris removal is to inspect the area for any potential safety hazards. It is always wise to shut off your electricity, gas, and water running to your house after a fire takes place. Next, look for any other potential hazards, including falling light fixtures or drywall and remove them so that they no longer pose a threat. Clear any debris from walkways so that there is a safe path running through your home.

Once you have mitigated any potential safety hazards in the affected areas, it is time to start removing burnt material. Begin by discarding any severely charred, loose contents by putting them directly into a sealed trash bag before moving to prevent the spread of soot. Next, if you notice any severely burnt building materials such as carpet or drywall, it is wise to cut off the burnt sections and put the charred pieces in a sealed trash bag.

Structural burns can be a massive burden on you if you don't call in the experts. For all of your professional restoration needs, call SERVPRO of Paramus at (201) 445-5588. We can return your home to its preloss state, "Like it never even happened."

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Paramus Properties Are Subject to Various Forms of Water Losses--Call SERVPRO for Restoration

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

water heater leaking from the valve and bottom onto the floor Leaks Can Mean Water Damage Caused by Appliances and Plumbing Failures, for Fast Water Removal and Restoration in the Paramus Area--Call SERVPRO

Identifying The Top Four Sources of Water Damage In Your Paramus Home 

Every homeowner should be aware of the biggest potential sources of water damage. Knowing how to identify and regularly maintain these sources can help you avoid damage and mitigate the effects of water quickly.

Water from flooding and storms can be quite harmful, but the most common sources do not actually come from the outside elements. The top four causes of water damage in Paramus are in or around the home. This includes:
1. Washing Machine
The average life expectancy for a washing machine is about a decade. Over time, your washing machine can break or leak, causing water to spray out onto the floor. This is usually due to the lack of integrity of old rubber hoses. A metal-braided washing machine pipeline can prevent the hoses from breaking down so much. Alternatively, you can reinforce your rubber hoses every few years.

2. Toilet Overflow
Toilets can stop working due to a clog in the pipes or a problem with the float in the top of the tank. Regardless of the reason, this water can come out of the toilet bowl and drench your floor. Turn off the source of water to your toilet before the water spills out to avoid water damage. Water that comes from the toilet may be contaminated, and SERVPRO technicians may need to restore or possibly remove the flooring that has been damaged by this water.

3. Broken Plumbing Systems
You may not see them, but pipes run all over your house, inside and outside. Pipes can weaken or break over time, causing a water leak somewhere within the system. The water main can burst or a draining issue can cause a backup. Either way, it’s important to have your plumbing systems inspected to prevent water damage.
4. Broken Water Heater
Water heaters are large appliances that can burst or leak, usually after running past the manufacturer’s warranty. It is likely that you need to replace the water heater at this point. It is essential to make sure the broken water heater hasn’t affected other parts of the home.
Avoid water damage by identifying the top problem areas of your home. For water damage assessment and mitigation services, contact SERVPRO of Paramus at (210) 445-5588. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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A Severe Storm Can Spell Big Trouble For Your Paramus Home

9/17/2019 (Permalink)

Torrential Rain Storm Overflowing Roof Gutters No matter the time, we're here for you.

A Harsh Atlantic Storm Could Cause Flood Damage To Your Paramus Home

Living adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean can put your Paramus home in danger of flood damage. A severe storm off of the ocean could bring heavy rains, ripping winds, and rushing waters to your home. In these scenarios, it is imperative for you to reach out for help as soon as possible. Doing so could significantly reduce the overall damages that your home could suffer.

Imagine a situation where a severe thunderstorm uprooted a tree on your property and plunged it into the side of your Paramus home, causing flood damage. The tree shattered a window and did structural damage to the side of your home. Furthermore, the tree allowed for hundreds of gallons of rainwater to pour into your home. In this scenario, what is the best course of action for your home?

Calling for professional cleanup and restoration services as soon as you can after the damage occurs is essential. Heavy rain could have flooded streets and uprooted more trees near your home. However, those things cannot deter SERVPRO from setting out to arrive at your home as quickly as we can manage.

Once we arrive, our water damage restoration technicians (WRT) could begin to remove the tree from your home. We could use chainsaws to make it easier to remove the tree, section by section. After the obstruction has been removed, we could put a tarp over the damage, to limit the amount of rainwater coming into the structure. As we work with your home, SERVPRO can keep in touch with your insurance adjuster.

Our SERVPRO WRT can use a few different devices to remove the standing water from your home, including wet/dry vacuums. To limit the damages to your walls, we can make flood cuts. If the rainwater might have extensively damaged any of your floorings, we could tear it up and expose the base so that it can be adequately dried. Our technicians can use a variety of advanced equipment to dry out the structure of your home, including devices like air movers, heaters, and ventilation fans. Afterward, we can call in trusted contractors to expedite or complete any reconstruction or remodels that we may not do.

If your home ever ends up suffering from flood damage, never wait to reach out for aid. Speak with SERVPRO of Paramus by calling (201) 445-5588. No matter the time, we're here for you.

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Hillsdale Home Having a Water Problem? Call SERVPRO for Advice and also for Removal and Restoration Services

9/10/2019 (Permalink)

Green snail-shaped air mover drying floor in a home What! DIY'ers drying their home in Paramus without advanced equipment like SERVPRO's centrifugal heated air mover? Call us for positive results.

Tips for Performing Water Cleanup in Your Hillsdale Property

The sight of standing water in your kitchen, dining room, living room, or even the bedroom can be stressful. Water does not belong there. If you do not take care of this problem quickly, you may incur unimaginable losses within a short time. In the event of a water loss incident, you can take the following steps to clean up your residence.

Observe safety

Before you start performing water cleanup in your Hillsdale home, take precautions to ensure safety. Switch off the power to prevent the risk of electrocution if the water is pooling around outlets or appliances. You should also wear rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Remove the water

You can remove the water using mops or a shop vac. Remove as much water as possible to speed up the drying process. Consider hiring a professional water damage restoration company like SERVPRO to help you out. We have powerful water extraction equipment such as portable pumps and wet/dry vacuums. We can use them to remove water from your carpets and hardwood floors effectively and quickly, perhaps saving your efforts and possessions.

Dry the affected areas

Drying your home after a water intrusion incident is best done by professionals because the typical fan may not remove all the moisture. Dampness can cause secondary damage to your home. The moisture enables the growth of fungi which can cause wood rot. Paint and plaster can deteriorate, and wallpaper can loosen. Our technicians can use industrial-grade air movers and dehumidifiers to dry the floors, walls, and other surfaces in your home thoroughly. We also use thermal imaging cameras to inspect and monitor the moisture in building materials. If the water pooled on your carpet, our technicians can use moisture sensors to detect moisture in the carpet and pad. Moisture sensors have sharp probes that can penetrate through carpets and padding to determine if there is moisture in the subfloor underneath.

Disinfect and deodorize

Regardless of the cause of the water intrusion, it is essential to disinfect your home to kill bacteria that the standing water might have spread. Microbes are present in any water damage, be it black, gray, or clean water. They may proliferate and cause one category of water damage to deteriorate into a more contaminated category. Our SERVPRO crew can use antimicrobial products to sanitize the affected areas. Your home may also have bad scents after a water intrusion incident. We can use equipment like hydroxyl machines, air scrubbers, and Vaportek units to remove the offensive odors. We understand how odors spread through water, and we can eliminate them.

If you need help to restore your Paramus, Westwood, or Washington Township home after water damage, contact SERVPRO of Paramus at (201) 445-5588. We are available 24/7 and can respond quickly to your emergency.

Some Steps to Effective Commercial Flood Damage Remediation in Paramus

9/8/2019 (Permalink)

interior of office building with water pooling on the floor Flood damage can critically affect your business. Contact Team SERVPRO to quickly assess and dry out the premises.

Commercial Flood Damage Paramus – Preventing Contaminants from Spreading

Business owners always want their flooded premises cleared of debris, the water removed and everything dried as soon as possible, so their business is back in operation. SERVPRO understands these requirements and responds and works efficiently whenever there is a flood damage event.

SERVPRO responds fast to any commercial flood damage event in Paramus. Our crew chief can quickly assess the situation and muster the equipment needed along with skilled technicians to deal with your emergency. Water pumps, dehumidifiers, debris removal, and moisture detection is always top of the priority list to ensure our customers receive the best service possible.

Protecting Unaffected Areas of the Building

Often floods damage a portion of the office while other areas remain unscathed. Employees in these areas can often continue their jobs. A huge concern of SERVPRO is avoiding spreading contaminants (water, soil, or worse) throughout the unaffected areas of the building. Foot traffic, moving equipment, and dust from air movement can quickly contaminate these areas.

The crew chief can discuss the potential spread of contaminants with the client and the steps that may be required to avoid this problem. In some situations, it may be as simple as laying down runners to protect the floor from foot traffic transferring moisture and soil to clean carpeting.

Turn Off HVAC and Seal Registers

The objective is to avoid moist air or contaminated air from being spread to the rest of the building. Efficient moisture reduction may involve sealing off open doorways with 6-mil polyethylene plastic and creating a negative pressure situation.

Air filtration devices may be deployed to filter the air and exhaust the contaminated air outside the building while drawing in fresh air at the same time. None of the contaminated air is distributed to unaffected areas of the commercial space. 

Rest assured that SERVPRO assesses the situation quickly and deploys the required resources to protect your existing space while restoring flooded areas. Our team wants to minimize the impact of the flood while restoring your commercial space, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Paramus at (201) 445-5588 for 24/7 serve. We serve Westwood, Hillsdale, Washington Township, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Why SERVPRO Has a High Standard of Training for Flood Damage Technicians

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

Sticker saying 'certified' We continually train our team members so they can handle every situation that comes their way.

The Advanced Training Required to Become a SERVPRO Flood Damage Technician in Paramus

Becoming a flood damage technician with SERVPRO is no easy feat. To start working on our crews and responding to calls from local homeowners in distress, every team member has to go through numerous certifications and educational courses. While national and local regulations require some of these, we also dedicate time and money to train our crews in specialized roles to increase their flexibility and mastery of each type of damage.

Flood damage in Paramus and other local communities causes many thousands of dollars of damage each year, and when hurricanes strike, the problems can become far worse. We send our technicians to our national training facility where they train under some of the most veteran restoration specialists in the country. While there, they receive numerous certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) that enable them to work on a wide variety of projects legally and in accordance with insurance policies.

Our training doesn't stop once fresh technicians get placed on crews. We balance our teams between newcomers and veterans, allowing our more experienced professionals to train their co-workers on the job site and oversee their work. After working with us for a while, we also offer advanced training that can help our technicians specialize in flood damage restorations and other potential work.

Unlike many other damage mitigation and restoration company technicians, SERVPRO crew members also receive training in multiple disciplines and cross-types of damage. Many cases of flood damage, for example, also lead to mold growth problems that can be very difficult to combat if they are not dealt with swiftly. Because our crews are composed of individuals with a wide variety of specializations and are trained to handle multiple types of damage at once, we can handle these problems as they arise. This versatility helps us to save time and money on almost every restoration we do.

SERVPRO of Paramus utilizes the best available tools and training to help your home overcome even the worst flood damage situations. Call us 24/7 at (201) 445-5588 for our emergency services.

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When Storms Bring Flood Damage to Westwood

8/22/2019 (Permalink)

Equipment drying water damage We recently restored this water damaged basement. We have the equipment and training to complete the job quickly.

Flood Damage Control and Restoration for Westwood Homeowners

Flooding has become more prevalent in Westwood in the last few years, thanks to the more extreme storms in our area. Unfortunately, removal and cleanup actions often take longer since this outside water carries contaminants not found in water when an inlet pipe breaks or a hose leading into a dishwasher burst.

Westwood flood damage is rarely very greater than a few inches, so SERVPRO efforts focus on removal, disposal and cleaning the floors and any property on the floor when the water entered the home. Specialists begin with tools from our equipment inventory to remove the floodwater.

Since this is outside water, removal operations only begin after eliminating the initial health threat. Contaminants in the water would include soil, fertilizers, new pet waste, and even sewer waste if the flooding caused problems for much of the city system. After spraying an anti-bacterial spray over the water surface and affected items, they bring in water pumps and smaller extractor wands rid the home of standing water.

Now comes disposal. Team members remove all paper and other items that can drip or bleed colors onto the hardwood or different types of flooring. If there are carpets, they remove them last so they can serve as a sponge of sorts to absorb colors. Carpet removal is necessary since SERVPRO cannot provide a 100% guarantee that it is safe to use again even after thorough shampooing with our most active cleaner. 

Specialists then begin cleaning the floors and property with a variety of chemical agents. A mild agent usually works for concrete, hardwood, and most other floorings, including linoleum and tile. For furniture such as dining room sets, they sparingly spray the wood with a cleaner and then wipe it off carefully with a sponge or cloth. If needed, they dry the item first to allow any varnish or other finishes to harden again and avoid streaking. If curtains or upholstery absorbed any floodwater, specialists would use a sprayer, and an upholstery brush was needed to work in the cleaning agent.

SERVPRO of Paramus is ready to help every homeowner and resident here or in Hillsdale, Washington Township, and Woodcliff Lake return their home to its preloss condition. If you need us, call (201) 445-5588 today. We are here for you.

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After the Fire: How to Remove Smoke and Soot Residues From Your Paramus Home

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage creates residue that is difficult to clean. Let SERVPRO handle the mess for you!

Strategies for Residue Removal After Fire Damage to Your Paramus Home 

After a fire breaks out in your Paramus dwelling, both structural components and contents can burn. Depending on the kind of materials and the availability of oxygen, flames can burn hot, smolder, or heat up and evaporate the fuels. Each kind of fire leaves a signature type of ash, soot, or residue. The substances that remain vary in the intensity and unpleasantness of their smells. 

The first tasks our employees complete after fire damage to your Paramus usually include water removal and soot and residue cleanup. The water is a result of the firefighters’ efforts, and it must be resolved quickly for safety and because water is inherently destructive to the structure and contents in your house. Once water evacuates and structural drying completes, we begin cleaning the soiling. 

SERVPRO’s Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) evaluate the characteristics of the residues on surfaces. Our training and experience help us match products, tools, and cleaning methods. Hot, paper and wood-fueled ashy soot vacuums and dry sponges away successfully. Lingering smells are minimal, especially with good airflow. 

Lower temperature, oxygen-poor fires smolder, coating walls, ceilings, floors, and furnishings with thick and sticky soot that is more pungent and persistent in odor. SERVPRO technicians choose cleaners with surfactants and wetting agents for this kind of residue. We also use controlled agitation to loosen the acrid smelling coating. 

Cooking fires produce a residue consisting of proteins reduced to a thin, clingy film. The adhesion of protein-based residues is intense, often requiring solvents and abrasive tools or products to dislodge. Of all the fire residues protein-based is the most unpleasant smelling, a rancid odor that makes it hard to forget the fire event even after a thorough cleaning. 

If a deep cleaning does not eradicate the smells, SERVPRO has innovative equipment that neutralizes the odor-carrying capability of the particles at the molecular level. Thermal fogging combusts deodorants under conditions similar to the fire, the tiny bits seeking to pair with and neutralize odor-bearing particles. Hydroxyl generators use free radicals to change the chemical composition of soot, rendering it smell-free. Ozone machines harness oxidation to rid spaces of smoky smells. 

SERVPRO of Paramus uses the cleaning and restoration industry’s best practices to clear away fire residues and neutralize odors. Call us round the clock at (201) 445-5588 to schedule a thorough assessment and to begin mitigation and remediation steps. 

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Our Water Damage Technicians Discuss Our Restoration Process In Hillsdale

7/24/2019 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO of Paramus any time at (201) 445-5588 to help.

What It Takes For Thorough Water Cleanup At Your Hillsdale Home

Whenever you think of cleaning something, water is the most likely the agent that comes to mind. However, any accidental spill that sends water into unwanted areas in your home ends up soiling it by spreading debris, dissolving substances, and even sparking microbial growth. Water loss incidents, therefore, necessitate thorough cleanup to restore your Hillsdale property to its preloss state.

The level of necessary water cleanup after your Hillsdale home is affected by spills or other incidents depends on the circumstances, including the time it takes to notice the problem and the type of water involved. If it takes hours or days to notice the loss, water has enough time to spread to several sections in your home, affecting a wide range of materials. If it is a grey or black water loss, the resultant soiling is heavier. Such situations complicate the cleanup process. Our SERVPRO technicians use different chemical agents, including sanitizers, disinfectants, and bleach, to clean affected areas neutralizing the effects of the loss.

Both the contents and the structure require cleaning after a water spill. Some contents, such as carpets might present more challenges because of their location on the floor of the house where most of the water pools. Carpets are also porous, so debris and other soils tend to penetrate deeper. We have certified Carpet Cleaning Technicians at SERVPRO who utilize their skills to handle any problematic cleaning tasks.

Dealing with soils and other contaminants helps restore sanitary conditions in your home. However, building materials remain wet, and relative humidity is high, creating perfect conditions for microbial growth. Our SERVPRO technicians take several steps to dry your property. We use moisture meters and other detection equipment to determine wetness levels. We then set a drying goal, which determines the number of dehumidifiers and air movers necessary to extract excess moisture before mold, rot, and other forms of deterioration develop further.

A well-planned cleanup exercise should deal with any aspect of a water spill, “Like it never even happened.” Call SERVPRO of Paramus any time at (201) 445-5588 to help.

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