Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Basement with antimicrobial sealant on walls

Leonia Basement Gets Expert Mold Remediation

A mold infestation reared its ugly head on the walls of this Leonia basement resulting in the need for professional mold remediation. SERVPRO techs dried that matter and carefully performed abatement before following up with an antimicrobial sealant to halt any return. 

Air Scrubber

Air Scrubber in Action

Here is a photo of an air scrubber we use for several different reasons but in this example we are using it to remove mold spores in the air while we perform mold remediation. An air scrubber is an air filtration system with a HEPA filter that removes particles in the air and limits cross-contamination. 

Mold In Kitchen

Take a look at the amount of mold found behind these lower kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, it is hard to check for mold behind cabinets without actually removing them. It is common for there to be some mold due to the amount of moisture found nearby from appliances like a dish washer which can have leaky connections or pipes. That is why it is important to check the connections between these types of appliances to make sure moisture is not escaping. 

Mold Containment

Our team using containment barriers to limit cross-contamination while performing mold remediation at a surgical center. The areas being treated are closed off to limit mold spores traveling outside of the affected area. 

Mold Behind The Walls

You can see in this photo the amount of mold found hiding behind the walls at this dentist office. Our team removed the affected walls and treated the structure behind which included using antimicrobial solution and HEPA vacuuming.