Commercial Photo Gallery

Exit area with sheetrock and debris on the tile floor

Safety First With Paramus Commercial Water Damage Cleanup

During the cleanup of commercial water damage in this Paramus retail store, the technicians from SERVPRO ensure the perimeter of the work-site gets scoped for potential hazards such as shock or slip and fall. The techs put up signs and tape when needed to ensure unauthorized people enter. 

Kennel with clean tile floor

Ridgewood Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Kennel

A clogged drain created a commercial water damage situation in this Ridgewood kennel. SERVPRO technicians verified no seepage below the tile and extracted the water. They then dried and disinfected the space for reuse. 

SERVPRO air movers on wet tile floor with commercial water damage

Professional Equipment Makes the Difference Against Commercial Water Damage in Ridgewood

This interior room in a Ridgewood business had commercial water damage affecting the tile flooring in a fairly broad area. SERVPRO technicians used multiple air movers in a cluster formation to concentrate warm, dry air on the floor and baseboard areas to quickly lower the moisture levels.

basement with plumbing pipes exposed in the walls

Commercial Water Damage in Paramus Property

This basement laundry room in a Paramus commercial property had plumbing issues that affected two walls and the ceiling. SERVPRO technicians were called in to address the wet walls post-repair of the plumping and remove the water and remediate the mold damage. 

A leak in the Supply Line in a Paramus Store

The small hole indicates a much larger problem in this Paramus store. The plumbing leak must be repaired, and then our SERVPRO technician can remove the water damaged area of the ceiling, dry out the above cavity, and apply a biocide to disinfect the area. We can do this without disrupting customer traffic, much to the satisfaction of our client. General Contractor License #: 13VH001305854800

Large Chain Restaurant

Local large chain restaurant in Paramus, NJ suffers from a broken sprinkler system pipe. This photo shows the main entrance to the restaurant where the waiting area for customers is covered with about a half an inch of standing water in some areas. This type of scenario doesn't allow a business to operate so we knew we need to act quickly to minimize business interruption & get them back running. 

Clothing Store

This photo shows our team using air movers to dry out the storage area of this children's clothing store. We handle not just residential damages but also commercial spaces like this one. 

Golf Outing

Our very own Tony D'Arco taking a swing at the Knights of Columbus annual golf outing last week. After days and days of rain prior, this day turned out to be a gorgeous one perfect for some golf. 

Surgical Eye Center

This photo shows this surgical eye center in Fair Lawn, NJ undergoing mitigation. Our team set up containment to keep the area as sterile as possible. The reason for the containment was due to asbestos found on site as well as poor air quality testing showing high mold spores count. We tried to limit any contamination with the unaffected areas.