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Can Upholstery be Restored After a Fire?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

burlap textile fire damaged SERVPRO can often salvage upholstery and textiles after house fires in Paramus with high-tech cleaning

Professional Fire Restoration Technicians in Paramus Can Help You Assess the Damage and Decide Whether to Restore or Discard Your Upholstered Items

Whether a massive fire roars in your Paramus home, or a relatively small kitchen fire burns for a few minutes, homeowners face critical decisions after the flames die down. Even a fire seemingly contained in one area of your home can cause smoke, soot, and an acrid smell to travel and settle all around it. Instead of fighting the ensuing damage by yourself, a professional fire restoration team can assist by providing an expert point of view and plan of action.

Homeowners in Paramus facing fire damage to their homes can find expert advice upon calling SERVPRO. Our team is available 24/7 and quick to respond to your emergency, which helps mitigate your loss. Any delay in taking action allows soot to settle deep within your home, including fabric fibers of your furniture, curtains, and other textiles. Rather than wasting time on do-it-yourself solutions, let industry experts do the work for you.

How can a professional service remove the smell of smoke?

Very often, our SERVPRO technicians find that the foul smell the fire leaves behind is the top priority for our clients. When it feels like linens, clothes, and your very walls are exuding a strong odor, they are at a loss. Our team of experts inspects the property and follows the smoke path through your home and the ventilation system and takes action to purify the air in your home. 

Among the equipment available to our staff to counteract smell molecules are the following-

  • Air scrubbers
  • Thermal fogging
  • Ozone generators

Along with odor counteracting pellets and promoting air circulation, our crew takes a knowledgeable approach to neutralize and eliminate odor molecules in your home.

With advanced equipment and cleaning products we can often salvage fire damaged upholstery by first testing for compatibility and the working the item.

SERVPRO of Paramus has the team you need when disaster strikes. Call us at (201) 445-5588 and let us leave your home smelling, “Like it never even happened.”

Can Food Stores Be Saved During Fire Damage Restoration In a Restaurant?

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

question mark made of food Contact SERVPRO today for assistance with fire damage in your Paramus restaurant.

Paramus Restaurant Owners Are Concerned About Food During Fire Damage Restoration.

Anyone who runs a restaurant in the Paramus area knows how much time, money, and dedication it takes to keep a restaurant thriving and profitable. Sound financial practices are a crucial part of business success, and savvy business owners know the importance of using their dollars wisely.

If your Paramus eatery needs fire damage restoration, you might be concerned about your food stocks. SERVPRO of Paramus understands – a restaurant is nothing without food, and you have likely invested plenty of money in your inventory.

What are the risks to food during fire damage?

Fresh food such as meat and vegetables might be burned in the fire, or if they survive they could be contaminated by soot or toxic fumes. However, canned and packet food is also at risk from a fire. The heat from the fire can have the following effects on cans of food:

  • The cans can warp and bulge, causing seals to break and rendering them unsafe
  • Heat damage can cause food inside the can to start spoiling
  • Toxic fumes can seep into the can, contaminating the food and causing an unpleasant taste

What should I throw out after a fire?

SERVPRO strongly recommends you throw the following items away if they have come into contact with heat from the fire, chemicals, or water from firefighting efforts:

  • All fresh fruit, vegetables, salad, eggs, poultry, and meat
  • Any containers or packets that were already open
  • Food stored in foil, paper, plastic, or cloth packaging
  • Food stored in canisters or packets with peel-off tops

We cannot stress this strongly enough – if in doubt, throw it out. It is frustrating to have to replace food, but it is better than using food that might be contaminated.

Can I salvage any food at all?

You might be able to salvage some canned food, under specific circumstances. The food must be stored far enough from the fire that it did not come into contact with the heat of the fire. There must be no sign of water, firefighting chemicals, soot, or heat damage. In some cases, the fire is small enough, and the food stored far enough away that it can be salvaged.

What about food in the freezer or refrigerator?

Some fridges and freezers do not have completely tight seals. Smoke can get into the unit, and soot can bond to the appliance’s surface. However, if the freezer is located far from the fire, you might be able to save the food if it has not defrosted. If the freezer lost power during the fire, be extremely cautious about keeping any food.

What about the restaurant itself – can SERVPRO help salvage that?

Your food is not your only concern after a restaurant fire. Fire damage can have wide-ranging effects, including:

  • Soot stains on the ceilings, walls, and across preparation surfaces
  • Fire damage to restaurant appliances such as cookers
  • Discolored upholstery due to soot damage, or water from firefighting efforts
  • Warped or cracked wooden furniture or wooden décor
  • A lingering smoky smell

Thankfully we are on hand to assist you with every aspect of fire damage restoration. Our process is based on thorough inspection and repair that leaves your business “Like it never even happened.” We train our technicians to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards, and equip them with industry-leading equipment.

What happens during restoration?

The first step in a fire damage restoration is assessment. After examining your property and the extent of the damage, we draw up a cleaning plan for your business. We consult with you at every stage to ensure you are satisfied.

We use dry scrubbing to clean away dry soot. However, many restaurant fires include burning protein, which creates greasy, sticky soot that is harder to clean. We use scrubbing, wet wiping, ultrasonic cleaning, and even baking soda blasting, to remove stubborn soot. Our teams know which cleaning method is best suited to different materials.

We can also clean carpets, drapes, and upholstery. When we cannot salvage soft furnishings, we oversee their replacement, to leave your restaurant looking as good as new.

If firefighting efforts have left your restaurant wet, we use dehumidifiers and air movers to dry it. We close out by deodorizing your eatery with air scrubbers, foggers, and ozone generators.

Is there anything I can do to help the restoration process along?

We recommend signing up to SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan (ERP). ERP is a free app that helps you plan for disasters in your business. Follow the on-screen instructions to log details about your business and register us as your go-to fire damage restoration specialists. ERP saves valuable time in the event of a disaster.

If your restaurant has suffered fire damage, do not delay. Call SERVPRO of Paramus at (201) 445-5588.

Who do I Call When my Westwood Garage Floods?

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

Standing water in the garage of a home. No matter what part of your Westwood home floods, SERVPRO will be there right away to assist you.

When your Garage in Westwood Floods, SERVPRO is at your Service

Weather events can cause water levels to rise or your windows to leak, allowing floodwater to come in straight into your Westwood home. Despite your best efforts, winter clothes, your children's schoolwork, and your personal belongings can now be in peril thanks to the excessive moisture and bacteria brought into your garage. Rather than sorting through items on your own, reach out to a reputable restoration company for assistance.

In Westwood, help with your flood damage is a job for our water restoration technicians at SERVPRO. We are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in all matters of water restoration. You can have peace of mind that you are in the hands of the most competent team in the area. As soon as the storm passes and it is safe for us to visit your home, our Green Fleet arrives and designs an action plan specific to your needs. With safety as a priority, we wear personal protective equipment and set up barriers to avoid contamination in other areas of your home.

Are all the keepsakes in my flooded garage trash?

It can be very discouraging to see pictures and other personal items soaking in water after you have kept them so carefully. Before you despair, allow our team to extract the excess water and moisture by using industry-grade pumps and equipment such as dehumidifiers and air circulators. As we strive to mitigate your loss, we control the humidity and presence of bacteria and then address the specific drying needs of your garage's contents. In this process, we may suggest some of the following-

  • Outside laundering and disinfection of porous materials such as textiles
  • Dry freezing to preserve paper products such as pictures and documents
  • A temporary move of furniture into our facilities where we can treat and disinfect it away from the worksite

Sometimes restoration is not feasible, so we help guide you in deciding which items to discard and take care of their removal. What is important to remember is that SERVPRO of Paramus is here to help. Call us around the clock at (201) 445-5588 and let us leave your home "Like it never even happened."

Should Drywall Get Removed After Water Damage in Hillside?

8/30/2020 (Permalink)

woman holding a bucket to catch dripping water When water damage happens in your home, your drywall can be severely damaged. Contact SERVPRO to handle the remediation and maintenance services.

Water damages in wall cavities of Hillsdale homes can be destructive for the entire house, requiring a need for fast restoration and recovery.

Because so much of the plumbing gets hidden in interior and exterior wall systems of your Hillsdale home, any breaks and damages to these lines can be destructive to multiple materials simultaneously. Many homeowners do not realize that these situations do not resolve themselves by fixing the waterline's damage. Natural drying often does not happen on the agreeable timetable to prevent microbial threats from developing. After a plumbing breach, there are several layers of a wall system that can become damaged by migrating water loss effects and saturation, including:

  • Drywall
  • Wood Framing
  • Insulation
  • Plywood
  • Exterior Veneer/Siding

Water damage repairs in Hillsdale homes begin with an evaluation of the impact migrating moisture has on the elements of these wall systems. If caught early enough where the flow of water can get stopped and repairs made to the damaged plumbing, immediate damages can get limited to the insulation and wood framing. Suppose thorough saturation that leads to warping and distortion has not occurred. In that case, these elements can often be dried using positive pressure systems, centrifugal air movers, and other evaporative drying tools.

Is It Cheaper to Replace Drywall than to Restore It?

Damage to the drywall itself can present a query for responding technicians and general contractors of our SERVPRO team. When does the cost of drying and restoring this surface material outweigh the expense of removal and replacement? As one of the cheapest construction materials available, it is often not cost-efficient to spend the time restoring materials that could become irreparably damaged in as little as 24 hours from direct water exposure.

Restoration and repairs are two areas where our SERVPRO of Paramus team can help after a water loss. Give us a call anytime you need us at (201) 445-5588.

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Should Mold Removal Interfere with Bookings at Our Hotel?

8/15/2020 (Permalink)

polysheeting containment in a hotel SERVPRO Provides Minimal Disruptions to Westwood Commercial Properties with Containment Techniques during Mold Remediation

SERVPRO Can Help Perform Mold Remediation at Your Westwood Hotel with Minimal Inconveniences to Unaffected Sections of Your Facility

Mold is the last thing hotel guests expect to find when they spend time at your hotel. Since mold can cause health effects, some guests can cut short their stays or cancel their bookings altogether. Therefore, finding a way to avoid these outcomes should be a top priority when you discover clear signs of mold at your establishment. SERVPRO is always ready to send a team of professional technicians to Westwood hotels or other commercial properties that require mold remediation services.

What does it mean when mold signs appear on walls or other surfaces?

Some signs like dark spots on surfaces indicate an infestation and thus the need for mold remediation in your Westwood hotel. Because mold spores occur naturally in the environment as part of the decay processes, but they require the right conditions to start attacking materials, the signs you notice mean that other conditions like excess moisture are also present in the area. In some cases, the issue can be sparked by a localized problem such as an unresolved water spill, but in other instances, the issue is further entrenched. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you determine the true nature of the problem at your establishment before you pick a course of action. We check for other signs of an infestation in the property like:

  • Darkened grout on bathroom tiles
  • Peeling or bubbling wallpaper
  • A trace of musty odor
  • Weird smell from the HVAC system

What should follow the initial assessment?

Since quick remediation to save your facility from further damage, and the comfort of your guests are your two main concerns, you need to prioritize actions such as:

  • Cleaning areas with mold residues
  • Moisture management
  • Removal of mold-infested materials

However, your actions can be limited by factors such as the possibility of spreading mold debris or the musty odor all over the hotel, unless you isolate the affected areas from the rest of the facility. Our SERVPRO technicians can help by creating airtight containments that seal off the affected area. Since we use plastic sheets and spring-loaded poles to set up the barriers, we can finish the containment in a couple of minutes. We also seal off other openings such as air duct openings.

What is necessary for cleaning mold from surfaces?

  • Access to the affected material
  • A way to loosen mold residues from the surface
  • A way to stop further growth

The cleaning process must remove settled spores and any mold materials proliferating on surfaces. Direct access to the surface that needs cleaning is therefore necessary. Our technicians can help open up walls or other assemblies in the hotel area to gain access to such access. Unlike cleaning regular soils where the use of water is the standard approach, cleaning moldy areas using moisture would only worsen the situation. Alternative solutions are necessary to loosen the mold residues from surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians vacuum the affected surface to remove loose residues.  We can also sand, damp wipe, or wire brush the surfaces to remove the residues. Running dehumidifiers or applying other drying procedures to the areas we clean help eliminate the moisture fueling the mold growth.

An additional thing to note is that mold hyphae penetrate beyond the surface when the affected material is porous. Cleaning such material is rarely possible, so removal of the entire material is the best solution. Our technicians help teardown materials like drywall, insulation, and carpets from various areas, including walls and ceiling. Running negative pressure machines when tearing down such materials, helps prevent the spread of residues where they can interfere with other activities.  One such method is deploying several air scrubbers fitted with HEPA filters for capturing airborne spores and mold particles. Our crews also bag the mold materials in sealed plastic bags before removing them from the property for disposal.

Does mold cause structural damage?

When mold grows on a material such as wood, the material serves as its source of food. Therefore, unchecked growth over months or years can eat the wood away, compromising its integrity. However, unless the moisture problem fueling growth is localized to a tiny section, the infestation is likely to spread to visible areas before it compromises frames and joists supporting your structure.

Scheduling remediation immediately, you notice the signs of a mold infestation in your hotel can help prevent any extreme outcomes that force you to close down your facility for repairs.

Mold can develop at any time in your Paramus, Hillsdale, or Washington Township hotel. SERVPRO of Paramus can help you respond to the challenge fast, making it, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (201) 445-5588.

Local Flood Damage Repair Services Around Me?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Rain boots in water If you don’t act quickly, water damage in your home can escalate. Contact our experienced SERVPRO team right away.

SERVPRO of Paramus Can Offer Flood Damage Mitigation Services to Your Home! 

Living in the small city of Paramus can seem like a relatively quiet way to live your life until flood damage suddenly impacts your home. It is essential to realize that not all floods are catastrophic. When it comes to flood damage, many homes are affected by heavy rain and thunderstorms. 

Imagine a scenario where a freak storm causes flood damage in your Paramus basement while at work. No rain was forecasted, so you left your basement window ajar to help air out some old boxes. When you saw cars breaking streets flooded with ankle-deep water, you knew your home was in trouble. 

What Can I Do in This Situation Knowing Water Might Be Pouring into My House? 

Here at SERVPRO, we believe it's better to be safe than sorry. If you know floodwater has an access point to your home, get help. You can: 

  • Call us from your car on your way home
  • Rely on an existing SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile Plan
  • If you can do neither of the above, you can call our office as soon as you arrive at home 

The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile Plan is a great way to help you prepare for an accident you cannot see coming. By making a plan before the flood happens, you can ensure our technicians have quick access to your home.

My Basement Ended Up Flooded; How Can SERVPRO Help Me? 

Fortunately, here at SERVPRO, we are flood damage experts. When we arrive, we can: 

  • Remove boxes, furniture, and clothing from your basement
  • Use advanced technological devices, such as industry-grade wet/dry vacuums, to remove the standing water
  • Make any necessary flood cuts and remove damaged materials
  • Set up drying equipment, such as heaters, axial fans, and air movers 

Our ultimate goal is always to leave a smile on your face, and return your home to its preloss state. 

If your home has suffered flood damage, do not wait. Contact SERVPRO of Paramus by dialing (201) 445-5588. No matter the time, we can help you.

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A Pipe Burst In My Paramus Home. Can SERVPRO Save My Hardwood Floor?

7/29/2020 (Permalink)

Hardwood floor Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include water damage to hardwood floors. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Without Prompt Professional Water Mitigation, Your Hardwood Floors May Suffer Permanent Damage. 

Once professionals from SERVPRO arrive at your Paramus home, we can begin assessing the extent of the damage. Our teams can carefully document this process to quickly provide your insurance adjuster with an accurate estimate. Once the initial paperwork is out of the way, our technicians can get to work. 

Can Hardwood Be Saved After Water Damage? 

Hardwood usually can be restored after coming into contact with water. However, if your home has a hardwood veneer, restoration may not be possible since veneer flooring is much more easily damaged. Our water mitigation in Paramus consists of:

Reducing the humidity in the area to a level between 30% and 45%. 

Lowering the moisture content in the hardwood to 16% to allow for drying with hot air. 

Removing the floor finish if moisture is not evaporating quickly enough. 

Drying from below to avoid ruining the floor finish. 

Throughout these steps, SERVPRO technicians can monitor your subflooring with a moisture meter to ensure that we are drying beyond the surface level hardwood. 

What Tools Are Used To Dry Out Hardwood? 

Unless quickly dried, hardwood will begin to develop mold when it has a moisture content above 20%. Our teams use the following equipment to speed up the drying process and avoid further damages:


Air movers

Penetrating moisture meters

Can SERVPRO Refurbish My Floors if Warping Occurs? 

Yes, our technicians can help refurbish your hardwood floors if cupping or crowning occurs. Wood flooring typically takes between 1 to 2 months to stabilize down to equilibrium moisture levels. Once your hardwood floors are free of excess moisture, our teams can sand out any remaining warping in your floors and refinish the wood. 

Call SERVPRO of Paramus at (201) 445-5588 if you need help drying out your home. We will send professional assistance as soon as possible to get you on your way to feeling "Like it never even happened."

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How Can Embedded Smoke Odors Get Eliminated in Your Paramus Home?

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

fire damage in home Our SERVPRO of Paramus team can help with a fast and reliable response in your time of need.

Trapped scents can be a considerable challenge to remove in Paramus, but we have advanced tools and practical strategies to help.

Multiple obstacles exist after a fire loss incident in your Paramus home. Our restoration professionals can help address the varying layers of damage, much of which must occur shortly after arrival. Between emergency services, mitigation, and restoration cleaning, we have multiple skilled professionals capable of helping your home through each phase of recovery to make fire losses “Like it never even happened.”

Odors can often be one of the most considerable challenges for fire restoration in Paramus properties, especially when these conditions spread farther than the ignition point. With pathways in your house like the HVAC system, otherwise unaffected areas of your home can become compromised by harsh smoke odors after extinguishment. These effects can be even more challenging to address when these odors become embedded in porous materials.

How Do Odors Become Trapped?

Naturally, porous surfaces have a higher permeance level, allowing gaseous odors to penetrate the surface and embed within the composition of the material itself. In other situations, the fire's heat can expand pores, allowing smoke to enter the material without much incident. After extinguishment, the surface cools again, and these pores shrink and trap odor molecules within the construction elements and contents. Much of the time, these odor concerns do not get addressed until the final stages of restoration and recovery, specifically because controlled demolition and other actions taken throughout mitigation can agitate these odors. Some of the most sensitive materials for absorbing smoke after a fire include:

    •    Drywall
    •    Fabrics
    •    Textiles
    •    Furniture
    •    Flooring

Can Certain Practices Alleviate Harsh Odors?

Specific emergency services and other efforts started quickly when our professionals first arrive at a fire-damaged address can help to reduce the severity of odor concerns. These same actions can reduce the concentrations of soot and smoke residue particles as well. Debris removal from the flooring is one of the most effective approaches for reducing the severity and intensity of odors and other health hazardous concerns. We cannot stress enough the importance of removing from the fire-damaged premises non-salvageable fixtures, building members, and content to mitigate the smoke odor. Often, the moisture is also reduced within the structure from the fire-extinguishing efforts, another source of foul odors.

Do These Concerns Dissipate Naturally?

There is a common misconception that smoke and fire odors naturally dissipate on their own. In most situations, allowing odors to move unabated and unaddressed can lead to more significant damage areas and more of the contents in your home, requiring focused cleaning and recovery. There are multiple approaches to addressing odors where they are discovered. The choice between these depends on the severity of the situation, the material affected, and the likelihood of restoration. If it is more cost-effective to remove material and later replace it rather than attempting to clean and deodorize the affected area, these are considerations made during the job scoping phase. Some of the approaches designed to address trapped odors include:

    •    Fogging - Superheating deodorization products into a vapor or a mist provides small enough particles to penetrate porous surfaces and neutralize trapped odors within these materials. This deodorization process often does not occur until even reconstruction has finished in the house after mitigation.
    •    Surface Cleaning - The removal of soot and smoke residues can reduce the concentration and severity of smoke odors. Often, removing these residues involves emulsification or media blasting to prevent damage to the underlying hosting material.
    •    Controlled Demolition - There are many situations where the only suitable solution for protecting your home from odor threats involves removing compromised construction materials and contents. By only removing the portions of this material that are the most damaged, we can make the reconstruction and rebuilding phases more efficient and less costly.

What Tools Address Trapped Odors Exclusively?

The removal of smoke and burning odors can be a considerable challenge for even our SERVPRO professionals. Addressing these concerns utilizes multiple tools in our recovery inventory. Each of these units has its own set of advantages that make it ideal for specific conditions. The choice among the available equipment often comes down to several factors simultaneously, including the affected materials, how widespread the damage has become, and whether the occupants of the house are still on-site. The options for deodorization equipment in these situations often becomes a choice between:

    •    Thermal Foggers
    •    Hydroxyl Generators
    •    Ozone Machines

Fire restoration is not a universal approach from one address to the next. Each home requires its unique blend of cleaning, deodorization, and even reconstruction. Our SERVPRO of Paramus team can help with a fast and reliable response in your time of need. Give us a call today at (201) 445-5588.

Why Can’t I Let Water in My Paramus Home Air-Dry?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

water sitting on a basement floor and walls without drywall Water removal is not an easy job for a family to take care of alone. Call SERVPRO to get professional help and mitigate water damage to your home.

Failing to Locate Hidden Moisture in Your Paramus Home Can be Costly and Harmful – Call SERVPRO for Efficient Water Removal

Something you never want to do is let water linger for too long before calling in the help of trained water restoration technicians. Your Paramus home could fall victim to secondary damage that boosts the cleanup cost and leaves you open to the onset of mold and mildew. SERVPRO features a skilled team of technicians to provide you with quick restoration while ensuring your family goes through as little inconvenience as possible.

What About Flooring and Carpets? Can I Use My Wet Vac?

When we have a call for water removal in Paramus, careful care must be taken with all carpets and other flooring surfaces.

To address your carpets, we:

  •   Remove and dispose of any unsalvageable carpeting
  •   Commence with water extraction
  •   Test carpet fibers for colorfastness
  •   Thoroughly dry and pre-condition carpet fibers
  •   Buffer the affected carpet so that we can return the fibers to preloss condition

To address your hardwood floors, we:

  •   Pull up standing water with pumps and industrial-grade vacuums
  •   Utilize drying mats, air movers, fans, and dehumidifiers to pull up water trapped below the flooring
  •   Employ the use of moisture detection tools to ensure the hardwood is dry to prevent buckling or warping

Floating of the carpet may be an option depending on the situation at hand. To float the carpet, our technicians detach it from the baseboards and seams so that an air mover can be placed underneath. Our centrifugal air movers help circulate dry, warm air under the carpet to restore it and dry the subfloor below. In many situations, this method helps reduce the restoration timeframe while lessening the level of inconvenience for the homeowner.

SERVPRO of Paramus is the team to call when you need assistance with water removal. Call us 24/7 for emergency service at (201) 445-5588, and we will send a crew out as soon as possible.

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How do I Minimize Water Loss at my Business?

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

outside view of multistory office building Don't let a water loss event close your business. Call SERVPRO today!

SERVPRO Commercial Water Restoration Helps Paramus Businesses Recover from Water Losses with a Minimum Loss of Revenue.

When should I use professional restoration services for my business?

Water can impact the structure, equipment, and viability of your Paramus business. Small businesses like retail outlets or supermarkets can be at particular risk of water-related losses because of the temporary closure. If you or your staff notice damp spots in your business premises or odors in some areas of the structure, these can be a sign of a slow leak or water issue. Water-incidents can make your business unsafe for staff and customers, so you should use a commercial restoration specialist to identify and repair the problem as quickly as possible. SERVPRO can mobilize water restoration technicians (WRT) quickly to dry out and decontaminate your property.

What qualifications should I look for when arranging commercial restoration?

When choosing a commercial water restoration provider in Paramus, it can be tough to decide which is the most reliable. Independently awarded qualifications can re-assure you of the expertise of a restoration firm. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) body is an excellent place to start when looking for commercial restorers. SERVPRO has a roster of technicians that have the expertise to recover losses in your business as well as many essential IICRC qualifications. Our focus is on water restoration with additional knowledge in textile cleaning, floor care, and general construction.

What constitutes urgent water damage?

  • Unpleasant odors emanating from particular regions of your business
  • Visible signs of dampness, mold, or moisture
  • Leaking and dripping
  • Loud plumbing systems or rattling inside walls
  • Discoloration of paintwork, cracking, and markings on the structure of the property
  • High humidity levels- you can measure these using a thermal hygrometer

Do I need to close my business during water restoration?

Closure of your business may be necessary for extreme Paramus water damage situations. SERVPRO communicates closely with premises managers and business owners throughout the restoration project. In some circumstances, it may be possible to work around your needs during commercial restoration. We can set up signage and barriers to warn staff or customers of areas that are restricted access. By confining the water emergency to a single space, we hope to cause minimum disruption to your business while still preventing foot-traffic from causing further harm. If water is in the central region of your business, it may be more efficient to dry the area by closing your business temporarily.

How do I dry out commercial premises?

The core methods of drying water damage are to control the temperature, humidity, and airflow within the area. The surest way to maintain control over these metrics is to establish a closed system drying method. Closed-system drying uses air-moving equipment, dehumidifiers, and portable furnaces to create ideal conditions for drying. Air movement helps to ensure that water can evaporate properly, while dehumidification draws evaporated moisture from the air. A closed system drying procedure, on average, takes between two and five days, although the size of your business premises and the extent of damage can influence the timeframe.

How do I measure the effectiveness of the drying procedure in my business?

  • Use a thermal hygrometer to measure the relative humidity of an unaffected area of the premises
  • Use combination dehumidifiers and air movers to encourage drying
  • Measure the exhaust output of the dehumidifiers and water level to assess the effectiveness
  • Compare the humidity of the unaffected area with the affected area until the results are the same

Is commercial water damage likely to return?

Recurring water issues are usually the result of insufficient restoration. Sometimes, a property may appear dry, but the root causes of your water issue remain. When water issues are recurring, it could be due to plumbing issues in the building or leakages. Although these issues can stack and result in secondary damages like mold growth, SERVPRO technicians undergo training to identify water issue sources. You may need to enlist the assistance of a plumber or roofer to remedy the cause of damage rather than remediate the symptoms. We can contact trusted professionals on your behalf for specialized restoration to ensure that a water issue returns once the premises return to a preloss condition.

If your business suffers from a water issue, it is vital to us a commercial restorer to stop it at the source. Contact SERVPRO of Paramus at (201) 445-5588 now.